Our chickens are some of the hardest workers on the farm. They lay fresh eggs every morning then get to work scratching and scavenging the yard. We have a variety of chicken breeds with varying plumage as well as egg colour. Our Heritage breed chickens include Polish, Ameraucanas, Rhode Island Reds, Dorkings, Anconas, Buttercups, Australorps, Dominiques, silver Leghorns, Speckled Sussexes and Wyandottes. Our chickens lay brown, white, green and blue eggs. All of our chickens free-range and spend their days going wherever they want whenever they want. When there is no snow on the ground their diet is made up of grass, weeds, bugs and whatever else they find on their daily adventures. Their favourite treats are watermelon, squash, pumpkin and tomatoes. In the winter all of our hens still free-range and are supplemented with certified organic feed from one of our neighbouring farms. They are curious, friendly and constantly make us laugh.

In 2019 we added 3 dozen ducks to our flock and now offer fresh duck eggs! We have a few different breeds including Khaki Campbells, Welsh Harlequins, Cayugas and Runner ducks that lay white, blue and black or grey eggs.