Our Hops


Originally developed as a bittering hop, now a popular dual purpose hop which imparts a smooth bitterness and aromas of citrus and pine.

Aromas: Citrus, spice, grapefruit and pine
Used in: Pale ales, IPAs, stouts, lagers and more


A widely popular aromatic variety with citrus and floral notes that can also be used for bittering.

Aromas: Floral, citrus, lemon
Used in: IPAs, pale ales


Named for the Willamette river that runs through Oregon’s hop country, Willamette was the most widely grown aroma variety after it’s release by the USDA in 1976. It is an aroma hop with relatively low alpha content.

Aromas: Citrus, floral, caramel and elderberry
Used in: Almost every beer category

Triple Perle

A newer hop variety that was only introduced in 2013. It is a dual purpose hop with it’s strong bittering potential due to it’s high alpha acid content and has received praise for it’s balanced aromas as well.

Aromas: Citrus, orange zest, melon, resin, slight spice
Used in: Pale ales and IPAs


It is very popular among brewers due to it’s high alpha acid content, low aroma and non-harsh, clean bittering effect.

Aromas: Very mild apple, pepper, pine and resin
Used in: IPAs, pale ales, stouts